The History Behind EziCodes

It is a consulting company that works in the field of information technology and software solutions and has taken its headquarters in Egypt, and as a company is a natural result for many years (exceeding 25 years) of the experiences of its founders and they are the owners of several international companies working in different fields around the world, and due to this I found EziCodes as a branch concerned with the field of information technology in the presence of a group of experts in their fields of specialization.

Whether the customer is an existing company looking to establish or improve its systems via the Internet or an emerging company that aims to be at the top of the field in which it operates, it is certain that EziCodes will provide you with world-class services while maintaining quality and satisfaction with the best possible price .

Why EziCodes

Deliver robust, scalable, innovative, and quality solutions while adhering to strict deadlines, for Large-medium-small businesses and startups.

Achieve an advanced seat in the field of innovation, design, implementation, and follow-up of information technology solutions in all locations of the company’s branches and the Middle East in particular.

The relationships with our clients go beyond building digital codes. Throughout all the processes of delivering the solution, our methodologies and approaches will be concentrated and focused on all required ideas to achieve the success that empowers the client to stay ahead of the technological challenges and well-positioned into the future.

The main objective is to help enterprises to make the most of the available resources in the most efficient way that save time and money by enabling them to identify their proper needs to simplify and accelerate their business processes.

Bright picture for better future

Day after another, markets become aggressively competitive, it is more important than ever to have digital solutions that give your firm a competitive advantage because new technologies offer new possibilities for when, where and how to conduct business. Therefore, EZICodes provides straightforward innovative solutions to tackle business challenges and empower your business with robust solutions that streamline your business processes and help to utilize the automation of your processes so you can optimize the use of the recourses effectively and efficiently and focus on delivering high-quality service. In a parallel track, your team will be able to follow up frequently and seamlessly, across multiple platforms, and request code changes when needed.

EZICodes aims to be the extended IT partner for our clients and work closely with them to gain a deep knowledge to create a detailed understanding of their business landscape, customer segments, and diversity of resources motivations to empower them to realize their potential, long before a single line of codes is written.  We are confident that this approach and mindset will contribute a better chance to offer a precise, practical solution that keep the business in competitive advantage through converting the enterprise strategies and action plans into a software package and technology processes that optimize the business performance.

We are building a lasting partnership with the client for the seek of deeply understand the business, goals, customers, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges to push the digital solution forward and build well- designed and attractive interfaces to enable the client to establish meaningful connections with his customers, through presenting to you the most inspirational creative ideas that have real business value.

EZICodes usually design, validate, and test the client concepts before starting developing a real solution to improve efficiency and to reduce risks and stress which are often associated with offshore outsourcing services. And to speed up digital development plans, we scale up the client development team. We put forward relevant innovative solutions and processes that are integrated smoothly into their operations to ensure their success well beyond the limits of our engagement and commitments.

Full service, high satisfaction

From theoretical idea to practical implementation, our deployment approach for complete product and service is conveniently affordable with minimal risk.

Smart solutions, digitized thinking

Our smart solutions bridges the digital gap between the client business process and the market demands in ways which maximize the production efficiency.

Ambitious product, one time delivery

Our overall ambitious wide range – products and services offer a high level of security, smoothness, reliability, scalability, stability, and on-time delivery.

Thriving ideas, high-tier talent

We recruit only the brilliant and most experienced developers, designers, engineers, and top- product strategists to deliver inspirational digital ideas.

The Right Profissional In The Right Jobs

A team of the elite in the information technology sector

Osam Abd elfatah
Osam Abd elfatahExecutive Manager
Moataz Zuhairy
Moataz ZuhairyProject Manager
Mahmoud Abd Elrahman
Mahmoud Abd ElrahmanApplication Development Specialist
Waly Eldeen Nabel
Waly Eldeen NabelUI / UX Specialist
Ibrahim Isa
Ibrahim IsaWeb Development Specialist
Mohamed Kamal
Mohamed Kamal Mobile Development Specialist

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